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Chiropractic and Sports

-Every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team has a team chiropractor.  In fact, research has shown that chiropractic care boosts athletic performance!

Chiropractic and Children

- Many conditions can be treated ranging from colic, acid reflux, constipation, and ear infection to even boosting the immune system.  Please click on PDF icon for 10 reason children should be adjusted!

Chiropractic and Patient Satisfaction

-Patient surveys show chiropractic care leads healthcare in patient satisfaction.  A healthy patient is a happy patient!

Complete Wellness has Computerized Adjusting

-Complete Wellness has the ProAdjuster - a safe and effective alternative to manual adjusting.  Complete Wellness has something for everyone!  Please click the PDF icon for more information on the ProAdjuster.

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Anatomy of the Spine

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Complete Wellness offers:



-National Award-Winning Pain Cream and Supplements

-Sports Medicine

-Natural Medicine

-Non-Opiate Pain Management

-24 Hour Fitness Center

-Digital X-ray

-Spinal Decompression



-Physio Therapy

-Massage Therapy

-Athletic Training

-Personal Training

-Nutritional Counsel

-Weight Loss

-Pediatric Care

-Maternity Care

-Senior Care


Diagnostic Imaging


Digital Xray Imaging at Complete Wellness.


Have your xrays taken and seconds later the images are available.  Dr. Brockman will do a preliminary reading before you leave the office.  


Sports Medicine 

- Athletes of All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome


- Utilizing the Newest Technology


- Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

- Rotator Cuff/Impingement


- All Shoulder Injuries


- All Knee Injuries


-Movement Training (Work and ADL)

24 Hour Fitness Center

- Workout on your schedule - Open 24 Hours!

- Low prices to fit any budget

- Family Plans Available